Road Repairs are almost done!

Post date: Nov 20, 2020 12:57:55 AM

The last of the concrete has cured and the orange barrels have been removed. This round of road repairs is almost done!

A giant thank you to neighbors Larry Butske and Pete Holcomb for the countless hours they have spent working to make this happen.

Now we have just a few punchlist items:

1 - Two trucks will be sweeping the streets in the neighborhood tomorrow. (11/20/20)

  • Please - Do not park in the street tomorrow

  • Please - Pull your trash cans in so the sweepers can do their work

2 - If you have road work debris in your yard, blow it into the street in the morning so the sweepers can get it.

3 - If you have damage (broken sprinklers, damaged lawn) from the work please report it to by 11/25/20 for assessment.

4 - If you have misaligned concrete/approaches/final finish from the work, please report it to by 11/25/20 for assessment.

Thank you for your support.