Road Improvements are Coming

Post date: Aug 20, 2020 1:37:4 AM

Your Homeowners Association is excited to share another phase of road repairs will be starting in the Neighborhood around August 28th.

Our own Larry Butske has spend over 40 hours of his own time meeting with the township and their engineers to develop a plan to repair some of the worst roads in the neighborhood. A big thank you to him for all his efforts.

As August 28th approaches, please keep an eye out for instructions from the email These instructions are intended to ensure the quality and efficiency of the repairs. On specific days, you will be asked to:

1 - suspend watering of your lawn to ensure the roads stay dry

2 - remove cars from the roads to be repaired

I'm sure some other instructions will be passed along as well. Please keep an eye out, thank you for your support.

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