Missing since April 22, 2016: little yorkie/poodle mix

Post date: Jun 22, 2016 4:13:32 PM

Mr. Jones,

My mother was visiting my sister on Haverford Dr. in Charing Cross. My mom's little yorkie/poodle mix darted out of the house on April 22, 2016. She ran into the woods between Charing Cross and River Woods. We have searched the woods 5-6 times, put flyers up, called the police, vets, shelters, and groomers and we have not found her.

I wanted to get the information out to the people living in Fairways West, but wanted to do it in the proper way. Is there anyway that you could send an email to the residents living in Fairways West? I can send you Mia's information and picture.

Thank you!

Tammy Biddix