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Wood Meadow II CIA Board are making an effort to reduce the number of covenant infraction notices/maintenance reminders.  Please review the following, as these are the most frequent infractions regarding the Wood Meadow II CIA Bylaws.  Reducing the number of infraction notices reduces the amount of money needed to produce and send them.

  • Animal Fecal Matter - leaving your animals feces in public places is against ordinance; 
  • Driveway Maintenance - we suggest power washing or using Simple Green in conjunction with a sweep brush;

  • Exterior Home Maintenance - removal of debris, trash, garbage, damage to home exterior, garage door damage & cleaning of home siding;

  • Large Item Pickup Day - coordinate your placement of yard waste , limbs and large trash items to the weekend before the bi-monthly Monday pickups;

  • Lawn Maintenance - including shrubs & trees;

  • Mailbox Maintenance - clean any mold, algae or dirt from the mailbox or its enclosure;

  • Parking - 

  • Trash Containers - please make sure that your trash containers are out of sight after the trash as been picked up that day. (Click here for Trash Guidelines)