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Article VI - Maintenance Charge

Wood Meadow II CIA,


This document extracts the pertinent information for the Wood Meadows II By Laws.


        Section 1.

    Each Lot in Wood Meadow, Section Two, is hereby subjected to an annual maintenance charge and assessment, for the purpose of creating a fund to be designated and known as the "maintenance fund", which maintenance charge and assessment will be paid by the Owner or Owners of each Lot within the Wood Meadow Community Improvement Association on or before January 1, of each year, in advance annual installments, commencing on the first day of the month following conveyance of the first property to a homeowner, provided, however that the amount of such maintenance charge and assessment shall, anything to the contrary herein notwithstanding, be chargeable and payable by the owner or owners of any Lot at one-half (1/2) the assessed rate unit the first day of the month following completion and occupancy of a permanent structure thereon. The rate at which each Lot will be assessed will be determined annually, and may be adjusted from year to year by the Association as the needs of the subdivision may, in the judgement of the Association, require; provided that such assessment will be uniform and in no event will such assessment or charge exceed $q0.00 per Lot per month, or $120.00 per year.

The Association shall use the proceeds of said maintenance fund for the use and benefit of all residents of Wood Meadow Subdivision, provided, however, that each future section of Wood Meadow, to be entitled to the benefit of this maintenance fund, must be impressed with and subject to the annual maintenance charge and assessment on a uniform, per Lot basis, equivalent to the maintenance charge and assessment imposed hereby, and further made subject to the jurisdiction of the Association. The uses and benefits to be provided by said Association shall include, by way of clarification and not limitation and at its sole option, any and all of the following: constructing and maintaining parkway, right-of-way, easements, esplanades and other public areas, payment of all legal and other expenses incurred in connection with the enforcement of all recorded charges and assessments, covenants, restrictions, and conditions affecting the Properties to which the maintenance fund applies, payment of all reasonable and necessary expense in connection with the collection and administration of the maintenance charge and assessment, employing policemen and watchmen, caring for vacant Lots and doing other thing or things necessary or desirable in the opinion of the Association to keep the Properties in the subdivision neat and in good order, or which is considered of general benefit to the owners or occupants of the Properties, it being understood that the judgement of the Association in the expenditure of said funds shall be final and conclusive so long as such judgement is exercised in good faith.       

Section 2. 
    To secure the payment of the maintenance fund established hereby and to be levied on individual residential Lots, there shall be reserved in each Deed (whether specifically stated therein or not) by which the Declarant shall convey such Lots, the Vendor's Lien for benefit of the Association, said lien to be enforceable through apprpriate proceeding at law by such beneficiary; provided, however, that each such lien shall be secondary, subordinate and inferior to all liens, present and future, given, granted and created by or at the instance and request of the Owner of any such Lot to secure the payment of monies advanced or to be advanced on account of the purchase price and/or the construction of improvements on any such Lot to the extent of any such maintenance fund charge accrued and unpaid prior to foreclosure of any such purchase money lien or construction lien; and further provided that as a condition precedent to any proceeding to enforce such lien upon any Lot upon which there is an outstanding valid and subsisting first mortgage lien, for the aforesaid purpose or purposes, the Association shall give the holder of such first mortgage lien sixty (60) days written notice of such proposed action, which notice shall be sent to the nearest office of such first mortgage holder be prepaid U.S. registered mail, and shall contain a statement of the delinquent maintenance charges upon which the proposed action is based. Upon the request of any such first mortgage lienholder, the Association shall acknowledge in writing its obligation to give the foregoing notice with respect to the particular Lot covered by such first mortgage lien to the holder thereof. 

tion 3

    The above maintenance charge and assessment will remain effective for full term (and extended term if applicable) of the within covenants.