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Article II - Reservations, Exceptions and Dedications

Wood Meadow II CIA,


This document extracts the pertinent information for the Wood Meadows II By Laws.


        Section 1. 

    The subdivision Plat dedicates for use as such, subject to the limitations set forth therein, the streets and easements shown thereon, and such Subdivision Plat, further, establishes certain restrictions applicable to the Properties, including, without limitation, certain minimum setback lines, and all dedications, limitations, restrictions and reservations shown on the Subdivision Plat are incorporated herein and made a part hereof as if fully set forth herein, and shall be construed as being adopted in each and every contract, deed or conveyance executed by or on behalf of Declarant, conveying said property or any part thereof, whether specifically refered to therein or not.

Section 2. 
    Declarant reserves the easements and rights-of-way as shown on the Subdivision Plat for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and repairing a system or systems of electric lighting, electric power, telegraph and telephone line or lines, gas, sewers, or any other utility Declarant sees fit to install in, across and/or under the Properties.

tion 3.

    Declarant reserves the right to make changes in and additions to the above assessments for the purpose of most efficiently and economically installing the improvements, but such changes and additions must be approved by the Veterans Administration.

        Section 4. 

   Neither Declarant nor any utility company using the easements herein referred to, shall be liable for any damages done by them or their assigns, their agents, employees, or servants, to fences, shrubbery, trees or flowers or other property of the owner situated on the land covered by said easements.    

        Section 5.            
     It is expressly agreed and understood that the title conveyed by Declarant to any Lot or parcel of land within the Properties by contract, deed or other conveyance shall be subject to any easement affecting same for roadways or draining, water, gas, sewer, storm sewer, electric light, electric power, telegraph or telephone purposes and shall convey no interest in any pipes, lines, poles or conduits, or in any utility facility or appurtenances thereto constructed by or under Declarant or any easement owner, affected thereby, or any other portion of the Properties, and where not affected the right to maintain, repair, sell or lease such appurtenances to any municipality, or other governmental agency or to any public service corporation or to any other party, and such right is hereby expressly reserved.